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You can now choose from 6 different weekly layouts

Posted by Melinda on 29th Aug 2019

Here is a quick look at the 5 different weekly layouts you can choose from.

Vertical, Sunday Start

First off, the traditional vertical weekly columns, with 3 rows that start on Sunday:

This layout gives you different ways to organize your week, for example, each row could be used for: 

  • Home, Work, School
  • Me, Kids, Husband
  • Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • Sports, Church, Family
  • Morning, Afternoon, Dinner
  • Etc

You can add your own embellishments, notes to self or stickers in the areas along to top to give it a personalized feel.

The column on the far left works great for notes, to-do lists or even a shopping list. 

This layout is available in the:

Vertical, Monday Start

Like the option above, but it starts the week on Monday, instead of Sunday

 This layout is available in the:

  • "Mothers Who Know, Vertical weekly columns, MONDAY start" planner. (Choose the second option in the drop down menu)

Horizontal, Monday Start

The horizontal weekly layout gives you a more note/list based approach to planning. You can write down events for the day without trying to fit them into a certain category. It also works great for journaling about the events of the day. 

The daily habit tracker is still included, now with a wider row for writing and smaller check boxes. To the right of the lined boxes is a free space for extra notes, embellishments, stickers or doodles. The weekend, Saturday and Sunday, are left more free form as well.

This layout is available in the following planners:

  • Mothers Who Know, Horizontal weekly boxes, MONDAY start (select the third drop down option)

Weekly Dashboard

New this year is the "weekly dashboard" design that gives you a single two-page spread where you can tackle the upcoming week. 

Starting on the top left you have room for your notes and embellishments (leaving room for you to personalize this planner and make it your own is very important and another part of our unique design. 

You can track your daily habits, write down the main events for each day, make a to-do list of things you want to get done this week and free form your ideas on the grid note section.

On the right you have a box for each day of the week, starting on Sunday, with an extra box for more notes or your own dash of inspiration. I think this is a powerful, single place to get an overview of the week ahead, while still giving you space to get down to the specifics of what you need to get done. 

This layout is available exclusively in the: 

Hourly planning

Some appointments just need a date and time. Some days are so busy that you are block things down in half-hour increments and large, open boxes just don't work for that kind of schedule. So I've added an hourly schedule to the planner line up this year. This is also a Monday start planner.

Still customizable and still cute and functional, right down to hourly appointments.

This planning spread is available in the: 

The Matrix

The new "Go and Do" and "Little Things" planners do NOT include weekly planning pages. This significantly reduces the size of these planners, making them thinner, lighter weight and more portable. Both of these planners are a Sunday start. They do include the monthly calendar, and the matrix spread, shown below: 

This powerful and versatile layout let's you still plan out your whole month, a day at the time, but in a more compact format. There is one box for each day of the week, starting on Sunday. Each box has 4 lines which you can use to schedule in the main events and appointments of the day. On the far right are two customizable to-do lists. 

There is one matrix spread for each month of the year. 

This matrix spread is included in all of the planners we offer.

But the following planners have ONLY the matrix pages, and no other weekly planning pages:

I hope this helps you understand all of the options available to you for 2020 and that you have seen here the perfect solution to all of your planning needs. 

Happy planning,


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