New Budget for the New Year

6th Jan 2023

Starting a new budget for the new year can be a great way to get a fresh start and take control of your financial situation. Here are a few benefits of starting a new budget: Increased awareness: One of the main benefits of starting a new budget is that it can help you become more aware of your spe … read more

'What the Heck' Cover Contest

3rd Mar 2022

Do you have a chuckle-worthy idea for our new set of 'What the Heck' booklets? Submit it below and you could win a free TN cover!See a cover that makes you laugh? Give it an upvote!The top 5 funniest covers will be turned into new notebook covers available for purchase.The person who submi … read more

​Holidays March 2022

28th Feb 2022

Welcome to March! Plan some extra family fun this month with these holidays.March 2 is Read Across America Day. If you’ve ever wanted a really good reason to ignore the laundry and the dishes, this is it. Just pick up a book and read. When and where (and for how long!) is up to you. Anything fr … read more

Look through the 2020 Mothers Who Know Planner

28th Dec 2019

On your smartphone, zoom in and use two fingers to pan left and right. On a computer, right-click and drag to pan. This preview includes the into section, all of January and February, the tabs for each month (shown without the foil) and then the Christmas and Home and Family Secti … read more

Ideas for how to fill out planning pages

Posted by Melinda on 4th Dec 2019

Sometimes it helps to see how other people use their planner.  You can get new ideas and come across some really creative page layouts. Maybe you'll find the planner can do things you didn't even know were possible.  That's my hope in sharing with you a few beautiful page layouts. … read more

Meal Planning

Posted by Melinda on 11th Sep 2019

How do you meal plan?Shown below are a few options of how you can use your Leafy Treetop planner to take care of grocery lists and meals for the week. At the bottom of each daily column you can jot down the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Make a grocery list in the left hand column a … read more

How are the two new planners (Go and Do and Little Planner) unique?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

We have added the 'Little Planner' and the 'Go and Do' planner as new options this year. This graphic will help illustrate how these two new planners fit in the lineup:In addition to the re-designs of the existing planners we have added the two new planners at the bottom. The goal is to provide … read more

What changed with the Mothers Who Know planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

The Mothers Who Know planner has a new fresh look and feel and now comes with 3 different options for the weekly planning pages, instead of 2 like last year.The traditional vertical columns, Sunday start has been the default design from the beginning and is still available as the standard option.New … read more

What changed with the Simple planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

If you ordered the Simple planner last year you will find that it has been re-designed. I have added hourly time stamps to the weekly planning pages. And it is now officially a mom planner as well because it includes the child tracking and family ideal pages - which were not included last year.&nbsp … read more

What changed with the Mom on the Go planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

The Mom on the Go planner, like last year, has the traditional and powerful vertical columns with a Sunday start.Added to the line up, but as separate products are the Simple planner and the Go and Do planner. The Simple planner has all of the same content as the Mom on the Go planner, but the … read more

What changed with the Know It planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

When we first launched the 'Know It' planner it was designed to be a smaller, simpler version of the Mothers Who Know planner. Still LDS based but without the pages specifically for moms.Over time, due mostly to customer requests, we added pages back in until they became more and more similar until … read more

You can now choose from 6 different weekly layouts

Posted by Melinda on 29th Aug 2019

Here is a quick look at the 5 different weekly layouts you can choose from.Vertical, Sunday StartFirst off, the traditional vertical weekly columns, with 3 rows that start on Sunday:This layout gives you different ways to organize your week, for example, each row could be used for:  Home, Work … read more

New planners for 2020 - which one is for you?

Posted by Melinda on 28th Aug 2019

On Tuesday, September 3rd at 10:00 am MDT we will start accepting pre-orders for the 2020 planners. Before the launch we thought you'd like to look over your options and decide which planner will work best for you. Hopefully this blog post will help you decide. We now offer a total of 8 diff … read more

Wardrobe Crises in the School Pick Line

Posted by Danielle’ Dimond on 28th Mar 2019

Last week the stars aligned for me on a bright, Wednesday afternoon when I actually heeded the alarms of my phone apprising me of the perfect time to depart in order to pick up my kids at our pickup spot. At long last, I wouldn’t be the last parent there, witnessing my kids’ sad, little faces wonder … read more

Saturday Mornings with Kids—a Tale of Broken Dreams

Posted by Danielle’ Dimond on 13th Mar 2019

Ah, Saturday mornings. That special time one day a week when responsibility waits until you’ve had a good long sleep until at least 9:00am. Your home is quiet, just the soft ticking of the clock on the wall while the kids remain drowsily in bed like the sweet princes and princesses they are. You are … read more

Got a Plan? God Does!

Posted by Danielle’ Dimond on 4th Mar 2019

There is a certain, debilitating phenomenon that takes place in my household every Saturday. And occasionally mid-week as well. It’s a paralysis that takes over my kids every time they step into their bedrooms to clean. It happens without fail, suddenly their world comes closing in around them becau … read more

Why Fairy Queens (and Moms) Have Grey Hair

Posted by Danielle’ Dimond on 11th Feb 2019

I was lucky enough last week to enjoy a rare, lavish moment with my 6-year-old daughter. In this magical moment I sat comfortably reclined upon the family room couch, supported just right, between two pillows with a great, perfectly weighted and fluffed blanket—plus freshly laundered I might add—lyi … read more

A Closer Look at 3 Hidden Benefits of Daily Planning

Posted by Danielle’ Dimond on 30th Jan 2019

Certainly the alluring benefits of managing time wisely and productively are the biggest advantages of beginning a life of planning daily. These two aspects of planning are the most talked about and sought after. However, there are three other huge benefits that most people forget about or don’t … read more