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 Does any of this sound familiar? 

  •  "I try and stay organized by putting things in my phone but it just doesn't work for my brain!"

  • "I'm at the store and I pass the shoe aisle. I know that my son needs new shoes but I can't remember what size he wears. I wish I had a place to write that kind of stuff down."

  • "Wow. There is a lot going on this week. I would really like a place where I could write everything down and see it all at once."

  • "What!?! It's Monday again. Ok, who did the prayer last week? And who got to pick the treat? I wish I could plan ahead for family night instead of just winging it every week."

If these sound familiar you and I are probably a lot alike. 

We are moms. We have a lot going on and we need a better way to keep track of it and stay organized than a smartphone.

We enjoy colorful pens, stickers, cute designs and fun patterns.

We like putting pen on paper and dumping everything out of our head where we can see it.

And we don't want 10 different places to keep track of everything.

We want everything we need all in one place.

And it better look cute too. 

 Hi, I'm Melinda. I couldn't find the planner I needed so 8 years ago I decided to design one myself. It's made for deliberate moms who want to enjoy "Life Organized" 

It's cute and colorful. It's a great place to write down all of the thoughts that keep us awake at night. 

It's a also a place we can look through later and remember where we went and what did and how quickly time has past.

I am a mother of 6 children ranging from 21 down to 8 years old. It can be challenging to keep up with everything going on including church responsibilities and work and family. 

I believe this planner can help us reach that goal - and do it in a happy and organized way. 

Happy Planning!





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