I couldn't believe what I was missing.

Posted by Ruth Kent on 8th Jan 2019

Imagine the soul crushing pressure of having 3 kids, working out as a substitute teacher, deciding to sign up for online school(full time non the less), and then finding out you're pregnant. Being busy wasn't even close to how I was or what I was going through.Not only that but I was just assigned b … read more

This planner is my saving grace.

Posted by Heather Vincent on 8th Jan 2019

Six years ago I was blessed with the birth of my 3rd baby. This sweet boy was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. The first two years of his life was spent in many, many doctors appointments, MRIs u dear general anesthesia bc they were 2 or 3 hour long MRIs, sleep study’ … read more

​As a homeschooling Mom of 3 and Foster Mom to many, I have an extremely busy schedule

Posted by Jessica Wilcox on 8th Jan 2019

As a homeschooling Mom of 3 and Foster Mom to many, I have an extremely busy schedule. With as many as 7 therapies in a week, plus many people who visit the foster children in our home, and the kids visiting their biological families. Not to mention the schools work and extracurricular activities th … read more

I wrote reminders to breathe

Posted by Susan Cheatham on 8th Jan 2019

Hi! I'm Susan, a mom to 5, a grandma to 6 and a widow of 4.5 years. My life is CRAZY! Most days I feel like I'm running from point A to point z. Between working full time, being active in my church calling and watching my kids/grands grow up, I was constantly missing appts, and knew I needed to … read more

My most exciting and life changing project ever

Posted by Kaley Andersen on 8th Jan 2019

Last year's planner was my most exciting and life changing project ever. At the beginning of the 2018 year, I decided that I wanted to be more happy (not that I'm not happy or anything, but I wanted to be more genuinely happy with myself, for other people, and just focus less on negative things). Us … read more

A positive little book to have at my side at all times

Posted by Tana Williams on 8th Jan 2019

Before planning I was very proud if myself that I could keep all dates, times, and meetings in my head. I had two kids and thought I could take on the world. Well........then I became pregnant with my 3rd. Lol. I had prego brain left and right, I couldn't remember a single thing so I talked to … read more

A great reminder for me of where I have been and how much I have overcome to get to where I am.

Posted by Natalie Chester on 8th Jan 2019

I have always loved to use a planner. From the time I was little my mom said she would fight me to go to sleep because I would be awake color coding and drawing out my schedule for the next day. As I grew up I found comfort in planners. The pencils, erasers, and the pens! Oh the pens! In middle and … read more

​I am a scatter brain, so planners are my JAM!!

Posted by Heather Anderson on 8th Jan 2019

I am a scatter brain, so planners are my JAM!! I am completely lost without some form of planner, but when I started using the Mothers Who Know planner, my life changed. I was able to plan out meals better, keep track of different activities for kids, know what schedule the husband was working, an … read more

My obsession with calendars and planning started in about 3rd grade.

Posted by Lindsay Shugerman on 8th Jan 2019

I know a lot of moms who started using planners and calendars after their kids were born. Not me. I think my obsession with calendars and planning started in about 3rd grade.Several years ago, I was digging through a box of old papers at my dad’s house, and I came across what might have been my very … read more

​I am a wife, mother and now a grandmother!!!

Posted by Jolene jones on 8th Jan 2019

I am a wife, mother and now a grandmother!!! So exciting. I love life, people, and new places! I love to cook, travel, meet new people, work, faith and FAMILY!I had four kids in college, although one just graduated. Three of my children are married. Two have children and one is pregnant. Life i … read more

​I'm a planner. I LOVE planners. Planners and I have a love/hate relationship.

Posted by Elizabeth Wenig on 8th Jan 2019

I'm a planner. I LOVE planners. Planners and I have a love/hate relationship. During my (long) life I've purchased every conceivable type of planner, and, some years I make my own with scrap booking supplies and photos.Every year about Octoberish I begin thinking about next years planner. Excitem … read more

While my world still swirls around me

Posted by Victoria Smith on 8th Jan 2019

When I saw your post on Instagram, it made me think about a desire I have had for a long time to reach out and let you know how much I have loved your planner and the changes it has made in my life. I was happy to see a way I could do that, since it has been nagging me in the back of my mind.I start … read more

Helps me in all aspects of life

Posted by Allie Heninger on 8th Jan 2019

I love how organized and detailed the Leafy Treetop planners are! I have been accused of OCD and perfectionism many times in my life, and this planner is the first of many that have actually been able to help me in all aspects of life--from work, to school, to menu planning, to exercise, to budgetin … read more

For my sister

Posted by Teresa Arrwood on 8th Jan 2019

I would like to win these tickets for my sister. She is a single mon and has two boys. Both are now in the military. One is stationed in Korea and the other is in Tennessee. She is on a limited income due to a disability. I would love to be able to take her to TN to see one of her sons.She has … read more

My life report card

Posted by Hilary Salmans on 8th Jan 2019

My life report card would consist of a stapled note noting my positivity, my big heart, and my great use of color. Yet underneath the columns labeled: PROMPT and ORGANIZED, there is a giant NP--Needs Practice. A lot of practice.My brain is writing memories, storing happies, remembering and stashing … read more

I'm a homeschooling and small business owner mother of 3.

Posted by Ashley Barrett on 8th Jan 2019

I'm a homeschooling and small business owner, mother of 3. I have been very sick the past couple of years and recently was finally diagnosed with Lupus. I've gone through two surgeries and had many days that I wasn't able to function. One of the symptoms I experience from Lupus is extreme forge … read more

Tell us your story...and win a vacation

Posted by Melinda on 7th Jan 2019

How would you like to take a vacation?  Silly question, right? Of course, you'd like to get away.  And I would like to help make that happen.  If you've been following me for a while you know that I LOVE giveaways. And so I'm excited to announce our bigges … read more

Did you see our cameo?

Posted by Melinda on 7th Jan 2019

Two hour church is officially a thing. (Wasn't that great yesterday? Did it feel shorter? Easier? Or were your under-impressed?) And so is the new 'Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families'.  I love this quote from Elder Holland about the real reason behind all of these changes:&nbsp … read more

3 Tips for Time Management Beginners

Posted by Danielle’ Dimond on 7th Jan 2019

Motherhood is very much like running your own business. While fiscally minded businesses judge success by the amount of revenue collected in a year, the business of mothering is measured in the joy and comfort of her customers. A mom strives to earn the illustrious plaque, ‘Manager of the Month,’ ea … read more

6 Tips to Getting Your Family Out the Door on Time...and looking presentable!

Posted by Becky Clayton on 31st Dec 2018

Getting out of the house with a large family, or any size family for that matter, can be quite the ordeal! And when you have somewhere to be, whether it is your once a week church meeting or a bigger event like a wedding it can take some planning and preparation to get everyone out the door on time … read more