Church Stickers - 5 of 8

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GC Stickers_5A and 5B

Taking notes and general conference go hand in hand but until now you have always been left to your own artistic skills if you wanted to add some cuteness - until now!

These general conference stickers are the cutest! And totally original. These are not just run of the mill, generic stickers you can buy anywhere. Look no further for cute, faith-filled and oh-so-functional stickers.

Printed on a white, matte, removable sticker paper.


Sheet 5 of 8: Sold as a set of 2, each sticker sheet will fit into the pocket in the back of your planner.

A total of 168 stickers including:

  • Sacrament stickers!
  • Clipboards
  • Chapel sticker
  • Quote bubbles
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Word Art Banners
  • Praying Hands
  • Hearts
  • Hexagons
  • Squares
  • Wreath
  • Picture Frame
  • Light Bulbs