What changed with the Simple planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

If you ordered the Simple planner last year you will find that it has been re-designed. I have added hourly time stamps to the weekly planning pages. And it is now officially a mom planner as well because it includes the child tracking and family ideal pages - which were not included last year. 

If you don't like the hourly time stamps I would recommend buying the Mom on the Go planner - it has the exact same page count and content as the Simple Planner- the only difference being the design of the weekly pages.

If you don't want or need the child tracking pages you can remove those and shave your planner down by 16 pages. 

If that's still not thin enough for you and you'd like something more portable and compact, I would recommend you try the new "Go and Do" planner this year.

The Go and Do planner, like the Mom on the Go and the Simple is non-denominational and designed for moms. But in order to save on space the weekly planning pages have been removed - which decreases the page count by 100 pages!

In their place you can use the Matrix spread for daily planning, shown below, which gives you two-page spread to plan out the details of each day - in addition to the monthly calendar spread.