My Planner is my tool!!

Posted by Sandrine Bertola on 30th Jan 2019

As far as I can remember, I've always loved pens, books, notebooks, cards, stickers and nice handwritting. In a nut shell, stationery. When I was 16 years old I went to the US for the first time and bought my first Planner there. I never quit! (and I still have the one I bought then!). Since then I've tried several of them. I found one I liked a lot and used it for many years; but something was missing... Then I saw Kimmy, from She's in her Apron on Youtube, talking about the Mormon Mom Planner. Wahou! A planner for mormon moms! I had to have this one. 

Here in France we don't have much extra things related to the Church and the Gospel. Since I'm at ease with English, that was THE planner I needed !! It has everything I need from the section quotes to write my inspiration during church speeches and lessons to Christmas planning. All I need for my family in one place ! It helps me prioritize and keep track of my scriptures reading, my goals, the things I need or would like in my life for me and my family. I was so eager to receive the first planner I ordered and so excited when it arrived in the mail. 

Like a little girl opening a present she'd been waiting for for so long! This year is my third year with a mormon mom planner. I've never regretted my choice. As a SAHM with 3 children, it's very useful to keep track of great busy life! 

Sports, school, meals, Church callings, appointments. People who work outside the home often invest in some tools for their job wether it's a computer, books, even a car... My Planner is my tool !! 

Plus, I love that covers are swappable! Reminding Kimmy's mojo "Progress not perfection" I was so happy you came up with this cover this year. How sweet of you! Thank you for all your great work and commitment to help moms who work inside and outside the home to stay organized and focused. 

Best regards, 


a mormon mom from France