I'm a homeschooling and small business owner mother of 3.

Posted by Ashley Barrett on 8th Jan 2019

I'm a homeschooling and small business owner, mother of 3. 

I have been very sick the past couple of years and recently was finally diagnosed with Lupus. I've gone through two surgeries and had many days that I wasn't able to function. One of the symptoms I experience from Lupus is extreme forgetfulness. This planner helps me remember everything from scripture reading to what's coming up soon. It also helps me plan Christmas and birthdays even months in advance. 

With 3 birthdays within a couple weeks of Christmas (hubby and two of my three kids), it helps me keep the chaos down a little when planning the busy Christmas and birthday season as well as remember which presents were for which occasion while wrapping. 

I LOVE the family planning pages where I can jot down an idea for a birthday or something whenever a child gives me an idea. I forget A LOT of things. This planner helps me function like I used to! 

I appreciate the flexibility of the planner, even having blanks to the sides on the weekly spreads. I personally like to put appointments in my top box (I love to stamp in my planner when I have time because I tend to keep it as a scrapbook of the year). Middle is for chores I need to get done that day, the bottom is for reminders and my to-do list. I use the bottom lines for meal planning to help me make my grocery lists very quickly and help answer the question I get multiple times each day, "What's for dinner?" 

I used to use an Erin Condren planner, I found the Mormon Mom Planner to fit better in my life because it's perfectly designed for women of our faith with family home evening planning areas, a Sunday notes page, and boxes which are super helpful if you're a teacher planning a lesson and need an outline to refer to. I love the goal setting pages and the wonderful quotes throughout. 

I'm so glad I made the switch!!!