If I didn't write it down, I'd forget it

Posted by Cassandra Celeste on 8th Jan 2019

After 2 kids, I became so scatterbrained - if I didn't write it down, I'd forget it. However, even after I'd write something down, I couldn't find the piece of paper. Enter Pinterest and a pin about this life-changing planner. Oh my gosh - it's like Melinda read my mind about everything I always wanted to capture on paper! I've been a loyal planner girl since 2016 and I literally CHEER when my new one arrives each year.

I am able to keep up with my two boys and their soccer games, practices, doctor/dentist appointments, birthday parties, etc. I am able to plan their birthday parties - down to how to decorate our house - which then makes my life so much less stressed! And the Christmas section is a #lifesaver No joke. My oldest confessed this mid-December that he really likes elves (Elf on the Shelf) and wondered why we didn't have one like his friends. So after an awesome 90% sale, we now have an elf, but I didn't want to get trapped in the "oh no, it's now 10pm and I haven't moved the elf" nightmares that I've seen online, so (I'm not joking), I have already planned out our 2019 Christmas Elf on the Shelf movement plans from Dec 1st to the 24th. I cannot tell you how much joy I had in planning and the knowledge of having it all written down and safe in my planner.

Also because of my Mom on the Go planner, I now menu plan, at least a week in advance, sometimes a month in advance. And I wanted to start some new menu traditions/routines this year, like Taco Tuesday, and because of this planner, I'm able to rotate through a variety of Taco Tuesday options (like burritos, baked chimichangas, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, etc.) that can keep it fun and fresh - and I don't have to struggle to remember what we did the Tuesday before!

I even write notes to remind myself to remind my husband about things - my greatest compliment about my planner from him, was "hey, can you write a note in your planner to remind me about..." I fist-pumped the air! Even he knows how much I love it and refer to it all day long.

One of my co-workers calls me Super Mom because I juggle so much, but I always give all the credit to my wonderful planner and I gush about it to anyone when given the chance.

Because of this planner, my 2019 word of the year, "family," will shine. I have planned - for each month - a date night with my husband, a family date for all 4 of us, and monthly one-one-ones with our sons (Mommy/Jackson, Daddy/Harrison and vice versa) for the entire year - because I had the space to write it all out and the ability to see each month and realistically plan them.

I would sincerely like to thank Melinda for creating this. I absolutely love my Mom on the Go planner! And not to be cheesy, but I really think I am a better mom because of it. I can get all of my thoughts out of my head into one central place (thoughts about Christmas in January, thoughts about fall vacations in June, etc.), I can track my water intake, how many books I'm able to read in a year, my marathon training schedule, you name it. I can get all of those ideas captured on paper that I can always refer back to and I am so less stressed because of my planner. I shudder to think what my life would be like without it. Most likely chaos, honestly... 

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