I save writing in my planner for nap time and it feels like a special treat!

Posted by Emily B on 8th Jan 2019

I use my planner every day! I make to-do lists, appointment plans, meal plans, cleaning plans, FHE plans, Bill tracking, grocery lists, birthday and anniversary lists and I keep track of when coupons expire. 

Writing things in my planner is always a happy activity for me! 

I like to use different colors for the different categories of things in my life: Green for my kids activities (a different shade for each child), blue for service that I give, aqua for service I receive, purple for family activities, Black for doctors appointments, car repair and Bills, brown for my husband’s schedule, orange for music lessons I teach, and pink for things just for me (like girl’s nights, book club or a trip to Hobby Lobby). The different colors help me see visually if my life is in balance. 

I like to write quotes and encouraging things in the boxes on the weekly spreads. 

Sometimes, I save writing in my planner for nap time and it feels like a special treat! 

I have tried several different brands of planners and the Simple Planner works best for me! It’s small enough for me to put in the diaper bag so I can schedule a play date on the go, but big enough to keep all my important plans. When I left my planner at my mom’s house for a weekend, I asked her to take a picture of it because without it, I do not know what’s going on! This planner is one of my favorite things. My kids all think they need one too because they see how much I like it and use it!