I loving call it “The Brain”

Posted by Kendra Laughlin on 28th Jan 2019

I am hopelessly unorganized and it never bothered me when I was single but after becoming a wife and mother I struggled with a system to remember everything my brain needed to hold and a place my husband could see the family schedule. He is hopeless. If it’s not written down, emailed, or txted to him (even his own appointments) he forgets. 

It was becoming a real problem when we started having kids because well, mom brain and no sleep. I saw this picture of a beautiful planner on Pinterest while browsing for fresh ideas after another system fail and fell in love. It took a while to track down the actual planner and my hubby bought me my first one in 2016 as a late Christmas gift. I think he gave it like 3 weeks before it failed to keep us on track but he indulged me. Honestly, I was a little nervous he would be right. “Best laid plans” and all. 

It’s been the best thing ever. I loving call it “The Brain” because it’s where everything gets dumped. Grocery lists, notes, to do lists, appointments, dinner ideas and fails... even tracking my showers when I was in the throes of newborn and toddlerhood. 

It stays open on the table when I’m home and gets tossed in my purse when I’m out. I love it and can not imagine a better way to keep track of my family or my life. I’ve used it to work an at home business, keep track of learning goals for my sons, create reference pages on therapy terms my son’s OT uses when she forgets I only speak regular English. 

The possibilities have been endless and have changed and grown as my family has gone from one child to two, shifted into a single parent home, and more. Truly a miracle worker.