I enjoy how everything is in one book

Posted by Patricia Loptson on 8th Jan 2019

I became a Mormon with my family in 2013. But I always struggled with the stress of being Mormon. All the other Moms seemed so perfect and had it all together. So many times we have stopped attending church because of moves and feeling inadequate again. But i felt like this planner always put me back on track and had my back so to speak.

The Mormon Mom Planner always helped me to settle and plan life for my kids (5 of them) and my family. I was always so excited to fill out the front page on each month and it always helped me focus more on teaching my kids and less on proving that I was Mormon to people and could do as well as those born in to it. I love that there is enough space to fill out the activities for 5 kids as well as our family activities

I enjoy how everything is in one book as well. I am able to keep track of everything in our lives and I love how the books have become a bit of a scrapbook to hang on to over the years. It's so amazing to look back and remember dates and trips and where we were at certain times.

The designs of the book are very comforting as well. 

I love the care put in to the designs to make you want to use it everyday. Thank you for creating this. Anything that helps me stay on track as a Mom and Wife I think is amazing. 

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