I can put my whole life into this one planner!

Posted by Tamra Brice on 9th Jan 2019

I’ve been planning for roughly 6 years but always had a hard time because it seems like I need a large family calendar on the fridge for the family to keep track of the kids coming and goings and my husbands shifts and overtime, an academic planner from Erin Condren for my college courses, and then a bullet journal to help with my planning and menu planning, grocery lists, goals and everything else and it was becoming more hectic then organized. 

Usually, I spent all Sunday ever week planning just for the week! I saw a few YouTube videos reviewing the “mom on the go” planner form you guys at In The Leafy Treetops and thought this could be awesome my whole family, school, and home planning in one planner. I made the leap and ordered December 28th. 

In a week already “the mom on the go” planner has made a huge difference in my family/home organization. I can put my whole life into this one planner! Thank you guys so much for all the work and thought you put into these planners. I know my house and family is running a lot smoother because of it. 

I also love the subtle Christian/LDS inserts in this planner. I have fallen from the church for many years now and all the little things have really helped me become more spiritual and I thank you guys for this also. 

I think my family is definitely glad to see it not take me several minutes every morning to go through all my planners to get my ”game plan” for the day I can just open up your planner and off I go.