Everything in 1 beautiful notebook makes my life easier

Posted by Dani Enkey on 9th Jan 2019

I LOVE my planner! I am seriously lost without it! I use it everyday and tell everyone about it. It made my day when I saw someone in my ward have the same planner knowing she loves it just as much! I also love giveaways and get excited for the winner because I know their life will change when they get this planner!

I love keeping everything in 1 place. It’s such a lifesaver! Seriously, everything in 1 beautiful notebook makes my life easier from birthdays, to ministering, to tracking scripture reading, day to day activities, Sunday notes, meal planning, holiday planning!

We currently live in Utah, but N.C. is home. I miss NC so much! If I won these tickets, I’d take my husband to N.C. to visit his family and see the beach and spend much needed time with my husband! We are pregnant with baby#4 and we want a getaway before baby is born! It would be our first time away since our honeymoon (not counting going to the hospital to have another baby