An answer to prayer

Posted by Jocelyn Rasmussen on 9th Jan 2019

2 1/2 years ago our world rocked all upside-down. My oldest son had a tumor that was in his chest and was causing some serious problems. We ended up on the oncology floor and scheduled surgery. I went from a full-time stay at home mom, which is HARD anyway, to a full-time working parent with a working over time hubby. 

We ended up with 5 different specialist and our new life was doctor appointments. Because of medical bills I needed to start working outside of the home on top of everything. I went to work full-time plus had 4 boys in a variety of activities and piano (a must at our house) and the cherry on top was my son having at least 2 doctor appointments a week. 

It's been a struggle to find order and "control" in my life since all this happened and I have been looking for something that would work with my busy schedule, my husband's busy schedule (he works shift work and very random hours/days) his work days change every week and the craziness of all 4 of my boys. 

When I found "in the leafy tree tops" I was so beyond excited. I feel like in so many ways it was an answer to prayer, I need to have order in my life, I thrive on it, and with how out of control things have been with all my guys it has been the biggest blessing having something that works for all of them and me. Thank you for creating this amazing product and sharing with others.

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