Old Testament Scripture Sticker Tabs

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Old Testament StickerTabs_Scriptures


You probably love your new journaling edition of the scriptures with the wide margins that gives you lots of room for notes and doodles. I love all of the extra room!

The one thing I still needed was tabs - so I made some.

They are made out of a durable 15mil plastic with a repositionable adhesive. So if you don't put it in exactly the right spot, you can adjust it.

There are 3 color pallets to choose from to match your own personal style.

And we also have a blank, paper set available, so you can write on it and mark your favorite scriptures, or use them to further sub-divide the book of scripture.

Pre-order now and expect delivery in October. Pre-ordering ensures that you will be part of the initial print run and get your order months before everyone else.



The Old Testament sticker tabs come on an 8.5" x 11" sheet. There are a total of 39 tabs made out of a 15 mil plastic that measure 1.24" wide and .16" inches tall.

The Blank Tabs come on an 8.5" x 11" sheet. There are a total of 28 tabs made out of paper that measure 1.5" wide and .19" inches tall.