Genuine Leather Traveler's Notebook (TN's)

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Premium leather, hand-made into a Traveler's Notebook that will last you a lifetime.


Yes, it's expensive but it smells amazing! It starts off beautiful and will only get better with age as it develops a unique look after decades of use.


The 6 elastic bands stitched into the leather let you add 6 inserts of your choice which you can replace once they are filled up, or swap out anytime you like depending on what you need to keep track of or plan.


This is the perfect way to carry your life with you in a compact and beautiful design - whether you are traveling across the world or just across town.



  • Locally made in the great state of Utah
  • 9" tall, 14" flat, 7" folded - designed to hold a half sheet booklet
  • Closes with a leather buckle
  • Includes a loop for a pen holder and an inside back pocket
  • Holds up to 6 booklets of your choice on the included elastic strings