Write it down, Make it happen

Posted by Kristin Conk on 8th Jan 2019

I was sitting in an adult religion class over 3 years ago. I saw a friend of mine taking notes in the cutest notebook! Upon further investigation I discovered the amazingness that is the Mothers Who Know planner. 

In the months prior to this discovery I had been doing a lot of self reflection and growth. I had recently read the book “Write it down, Make it happen” and was ready to make some big changes and plans in my life so I got on my phone within minutes and ordered my first planner. 

I quickly made a habit of writing in my planner each morning before my scripture study, going over my day and writing intentions for the day as well. I saw a complete shift in my life. 

I was more organized mentally and physically! I began to see how writing down my daily intentions created for me the life I wanted to have. 

I had just received my 2018 planner in the mail last fall when I received my diagnosis of breast cancer. My little planner became a record of my journey through cancer. Doctors appointments and spiritual insights I received. It held all my important papers and files! 

After my year long battle, my 2019 planner is back to just that! It’s still holds my appointment times and reminds me to take my meds, but I use it to plan my days with joyful activities and daily affirmations of peace and love! 

Thank you for creating such a wonder product that has brought me much joy!

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