With the planner I am able to have the game plan

Posted by Jeneal Stewart on 8th Jan 2019

I am a working mother to a very busy 20 month old little boy. Working and trying to balance being a wife and mother can present it's challenges at times. I am also a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, which brings it's own responsibilities as well. I tried using my phone to try to keep track of where my family was supposed to be, but unfortunately I would forget to set the reminder setting so unless I looked at the calendar I would miss different things.

The mothers who know planner has helped me get my families schedule into one place. One of the things I love is I can keep track of my entire life in this one place. I use my planner from keeping track of babysitters to medical appointments to meal planning. I absolutely LOVE the features for my church. I can keep track of my scripture studies and my other calling.

I start every week by going through my planner, making sure that everything is written down and starting a game plan. I even include each day what cleaning and house work I need to get down, what I'm cooking that day and where everyone needs to be and when. I finally found a planner that I can look at everyday and know basic information of what I need to be doing without it looking overcrowded or hard to read.

One of the major things that has changed since I have started using my planner is we have cut down our eating out so much. Before the planner I would really have to remember before going to work what I needed to do to get a meal together that night. And I'm not a morning person at all so often times I would forget the little things. Which would result in us eating at a fast food restaurant at least two or three times a week. With the planner I am able to have the game plan and know exactly what I need to be doing.