While my world still swirls around me

Posted by Victoria Smith on 8th Jan 2019

When I saw your post on Instagram, it made me think about a desire I have had for a long time to reach out and let you know how much I have loved your planner and the changes it has made in my life. I was happy to see a way I could do that, since it has been nagging me in the back of my mind.

I started using your planner 4 years ago. I had just had my second child and he came with some complications that have resulted in weekly doctors appointments all over the valley and I was really struggling with the major change in my life of a second child and the much busier and important schedule I was thrown into.

I would go to doctors appointments and need to schedule out weeks in advance and I was always stressed because looking at my phone overwhelmed me and I couldn’t keep track of the appointments as well as everything else I had going on. Typing the appointments in my phone would sometimes lead to dates or times wrong and it took so long when I was standing at the doctors office, I knew there had to be a better system for me.

I finally decided I had had enough and really needed a change of system. I had used a paper planner in college and it always helped me to write everything down and to see everything laid out in front of me, so I googled family planners and after researching a few I found yours and I knew it was everything I was looking for.

4 years later, one more child, way more activities as well as multiple doctors appointments a week, I feel like I can handle it all thanks to your planner. I can’t even put into words how stressful my life feels and just having one thing that I can control and create a plan for my crazy life is more than I feel I can properly explain how much it has helped.

Since using the planner I have been able to slowly create goals and schedule them in the planner where I see them daily. I have started FHE, which was way overwhelming for me when I started this journey. I have started working out weekly, cleaning the house with a schedule, planning and saving for vacations, birthdays, holidays, everything. While my world still swirls around me, I feel like having one solid physical planner has helped me to continue to work towards my goals and keep everything mostly in check.

I sit down with my husband at the beginning of the year and we plan out the whole year, we schedule all our vacations, talk about date nights, schedule birthdays and anniversaries. Then every Sunday we review the next week, I plan out meals and write them in each day and create a grocery list. I schedule our babysitters for the week and discuss our nights and chores for the week. I set goals for the week and write them in the bubbles at the top of the planner. I plan out my workouts for the week and write them in. I have all my children’s activities listed out for the week.

This year I tried the new Horizontal version and I love the extra space. It’s really nice having areas I can make lists of my to dos for the day. I always get excited to get me new planner in the fall and was extra excited this year to try a new layout. I don’t have super cute handwriting so it never looks as cute as yours, but it sure is functional still!

This past year, your planner inspired me to start my own business and while it is very slow in growing, it is something I am incredibly proud of and has been a good thing for me to focus on this past year. The feeling I get when I sell one of my financial workbooks is beyond anything I could express. I really thank you for sharing your talents and helping me find mine and have the courage to go after a dream.