What changed with the Mothers Who Know planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

The Mothers Who Know planner has a new fresh look and feel and now comes with 3 different options for the weekly planning pages, instead of 2 like last year.

The traditional vertical columns, Sunday start has been the default design from the beginning and is still available as the standard option.

New this year is the same vertical layout, but with a MONDAY start.

The horizontal weekly layout with a Monday start is also available again this year.

You can order all 3 of these versions on a single product page where you can choose both the cover and the weekly layout as shown below. This is a close-up screen shot of the product ordering page (which will be accessible on Tuesday, September 3rd at 10:00 am.)

You can choose a cover and then choose which weekly layout you would like.

I've kept the 'Know It' planner as a separate product for now even though it is essentially a Mothers Who Know planner with the new and powerful 'weekly dashboard' which is a totally different and unique design.

If you ordered the Mothers Who Know planner last year but like this new weekly dashboard better you can order the Know It planner this year and have all the same content as before, just with this new weekly planning layout.

Or if you ordered the Know It planner last year, and want the same thing again this year, order the Mothers Who Know planner with the vertical, Sunday start layout and you're good to go.