What changed with the Mom on the Go planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

The Mom on the Go planner, like last year, has the traditional and powerful vertical columns with a Sunday start.

Added to the line up, but as separate products are the Simple planner and the Go and Do planner

The Simple planner has all of the same content as the Mom on the Go planner, but the weekly planning pages have hourly timestamps. 

The Go and Do planner is a smaller and thinner version of the Mom on the Go planner. It's still 'made for moms' and contains non-denominational religious content, but we have removed all of the weekly planning pages and just left the matrix spread (which is also included in the Simple and Mom on the Go planner).

This spread is a great way to keep track of the events of the month in a simple and compact design. Remember, the Go and Do planner includes the monthly calendar as well as the matrix.

Here is a look at the four pages that repeat each month in the 'Go and Do' planner:

Of course, these pages are also found in the Mom on the Go and the Simple planner but the Go and Do has ONLY these pages, and no other weekly planning spread.