What changed with the Know It planner?

Posted by Melinda on 30th Aug 2019

When we first launched the 'Know It' planner it was designed to be a smaller, simpler version of the Mothers Who Know planner. Still LDS based but without the pages specifically for moms.

Over time, due mostly to customer requests, we added pages back in until they became more and more similar until the only difference between the two was a total of 16 pages - the 'child tracking pages' and the "family ideals" page. 

If you bought the Know It planner because you wanted something that was LDS based, but still smaller it was no longer accomplishing that purpose. 

I decided to accept that the Know It planner was basically just a different version of the Mothers Who Know planner. (Like I said, the only difference was 16 pages) and I turned the Know It planner into something brand new. 

I created a new 'weekly dashboard' to offer a unique approach to tackling your week. 

This two page spread gives you a place to keep track of weekly tasks, important daily events, a 'to-do' list and a place for notes or scribbles. As well as space at the top for some stickers or an inspiring quote or word of the week.

On the right hand side is a box for each day of the week. Perfect for you if you need to keep track of events for the week but without a specific time slot. It also works great as a journal.


If you ordered a Know It planner last year and you want something similar this year - just buy the Mother's Who Know planner, vertical, Sunday start. It's basically the same thing. If you don't want the extra child tracking or family ideal pages you have my permission to tear them out - or re-purpose them.

If you want an LDS based planner designed for moms but find that the 'weekly dashboard' design works better for your brain, then the new, unique Know It planner is for you.