Trying to remember what I forgot!

Posted by Jayna Johnson on 11th Jan 2019

I started using the Mothers Who Know Planner 3 years ago, I started because I was looking for something to organize my life!

I was a young women's president, working full time, and I had just had a baby so needless to say I was severely sleep deprived and couldn't remember a thing to save my life!

I came across this planner and I was like this is brilliant!!! I loved all of the different pages and the layout and I loved the fact that it had inspirational quotes. I love that it has so much space and enough flexible space that I can use it to keep track of my young women, and the doctor appointments, and even my budget and meal prep!

What more could I ask for?! I love the holiday planners, and the family home evening planners, and the section for Sunday notes. It has a space for everything, and then some open space to include other needful things.

My life has since calmed down a little/ I get a bit more sleep, but I love having this planner because it keeps everything in one place for me and I have a one stop place to dump the stuff floating around in my head. So now I have a lot less of those terror moments trying to remember what I forgot!

I use my planner to plan my weeks, and to track my goals and to keep my sanity.

This planner helped me to become more organized and to have a greater peace of mind by having everything I need in one handy, quick access spot.

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