This planner keeps my "mom" brain on track

Posted by Katie Andrews on 8th Jan 2019

I got my first planner a few years ago and fell quickly in love. I'm definitely a Planner Snob and this planner finally gave me everything that I wanted in it. 

I took a break for a little bit as my husband was in grad school and we were trying to save all that we could and stay debt free with our littles at home. This year I was finally able to get a planner again! With three littles at home, one starting school, and two starting into athletics and lessons this planner keeps my "mom" brain on track. 

We just had our 3rd child in August and my PPA has been worse than it ever has been. But I'm being perfectly honest when I say that this planner has helped in SOO many ways. 

It keeps me organized and my mind functioning. 

It keeps me close to my Savior and helps me take the time to think about every single aspect of my life. Being a mom of 3 kids it challenging but oh so rewarding. This planner helps keep me sane! I fail at one aspect of being a mom probably on a daily basis. PPA has not made it any easier and I'm slowly starting to get control and come out on top. 

We are still trying to figure this parent thing out but I know my life is organized and that brings me peace. My husband and I have not been on a vacation (besides our three day honeymoon) since we got married and I would LOVE to surprise him with a vacation! 

Thank you for making this wonderful planner. It has changed not only my life but I know many others as well!