This planner is my saving grace.

Posted by Heather Vincent on 8th Jan 2019

Six years ago I was blessed with the birth of my 3rd baby. This sweet boy was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. 

The first two years of his life was spent in many, many doctors appointments, MRIs u dear general anesthesia bc they were 2 or 3 hour long MRIs, sleep study’s, 3 major surgeries, and so much more. After doing all of this for the first 6 months on sticky notes and having sticky notes plastered all over my kitchen, I saw an add for a Mormon Mom Planner and knew I had to have it to help me keep everything straight. 

When I received my first planner, I wasn’t aware of the uplifting quotes and scriptures throughout the planner. Those helped me so much when I was feeling down. 

My sweet boy is now 6 and i am on my 5th planner. 

This planner is my saving grace. It helps me keep every doctor appointment straight, without double booking bc that was a commonality with the sticky note method. 

This planner helped me plan our first trip to a Little People of America National conference, it was a life saver in our first trip to Los Angeles to see 2 world renowned LPA medical advisory board doctors at Cedars-Sinai. 

And it has been I instrumental in helping me plan our next two trips to see doctors not only in Los Angeles, but in Portland as well. Winning this trip would be so amazing for many reasons, mainly bc in order for us to take our sweet boy, we have to do major crowdfunding campaigns to help make these doctor appointment trips happen bc we are a family with major medical. 

(If you want to read about our sweet Cooper, you can view his story, as well as my 3 other kids journey’s w different abilities at my Instagram at @HeatherYVincent Sadly, we wouldn’t use the tickets to really go on vacation, but rather than to go to Portland or Los Angeles for my sweet boy’s doctors appointments....or to San Francisco in July to the next Little People of America National conference in July.

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