This planner has made me 72% better at having it all together!

Posted by Ryanne Leavitt on 11th Jan 2019

When I first got a planner it was because one of my councilors in our primary presidency had one and and with all my duties as president and a mom of two special needs kids I felt the need to have a better plan. 

She let me leaf through hers and I was so impressed with the many different ways to plan and all the pages made especially for members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. Even now that I am no longer the primary president I find the need for a planner just as great. 

My son is in middle school sports and with out my planner with dates and times for practices and games/matches I’d be lost. I have always been more of a free spirited person. Jump at opportunities as they come, but my children both need schedules and routines. 

This planner has made me 72% better at having it all together! 

It has helped me “journal” on a much more regular basis and the quotes help me calm my spirit when we have rough days. Some days we all feel like we aren’t really as good at this motherhood game as we thought we’d be. We struggle with what ever challenges thrown at us, and sometimes we need reassurance that we are good enough. What better way than to read what prophets and apostles have said! 

As far as being “with it”, I haven’t missed nearly as many scheduled activities and appointments because I have my trusty planner handy. Sure there is still the occasional missed event...usually because I am out hiking and my planner can’t send me alerts that there is a meeting