This planner has changed my life

Posted by Shauna Jackson on 8th Jan 2019

Hi I have never been a planner person but this planner has changed my life. I got the first one when I was wandering through the BYU book store. I fell in love! It then become my log for work. My parent time tracker. It become my notes for Sunday school. It become my companion!! I recommend this to anyone who likes to know what they have been doing. As moms we can get lost on what we do in our day .. I took days and wrote down everything I did and it was amazing to me .. we are far from lazy!!

I think when I was able to put not only what I do as a mom, but as a cosmetologist.

I have been sitting on my couch with a missionary and was going through my notes and quoted what his talk was about. It was very spiritual moment and it is so nice to have a go to.

It’s exciting to know I have a journal. I feel like I am closer to doing the things the Lord has asked. Guilt free !