The planner I needed all along

Posted by Lindsay Kipka on 11th Jan 2019

I have always struggled between my preference for writing on paper and keeping up with everything- trying to use my phone to keep my appointments and such straight. 

I have always preferred writing things down but felt I needed to better utilize technology and never felt like a single planner could do all the things I needed to keep up with on one place. 

One day I was watching one of my favorite mom youtuber personalities and she was showing off this planner (mothers who know) and something clicked in my brain - that planner was the one I needed all along. 

I went onto the website (well first I texted my best friend and told her she needed one too) and I ordered. It changed my life. 

I feel like I have so much more control over my daily schedule than ever before. It has a place for everything-coming from someone who is a stay at home parent, running a small business, and in school full time. 

Each month has a budget section, a blank calendar (I use for meal planning), sections I use for prayer journaling, and a great layout. 

Having this planner gives me a sense of peace i have never had before with planning and keeping track of ALL. THE. THINGS. 

Now, i do not even feel the need to keep things on my phone- i just take a picture of what i need in my planner and go. And on top of all of that it's pretty. I tell everyone about this planner. 

This year a Mom on the Go planner is what I asked my husband to buy for my anniversary gift. I cannot believe how much time is freed up in my day by the simple act of getting out my planner and planning out my day. It has truly changed the way I look at each day.