The millions of things that zip through my brain

Posted by Megan Boxx on 11th Jan 2019

I am the girl who can remember everything! There was a time when that was me. I have always had a good memory, my roommate would even introduce me as her personal planner. 

Honestly I could remember the things in my schedule and some how found room to fit in her work schedule, up coming tests, and other important events. Those days are sadly behind me to an extent. Life has certainly made that happen quite effectively. 

I got married, moved 4 times, (including an international move), and three children later I find myself living in Bahrain, with my oldest in her first year at school, and my brain is no where to be found. Between the school schedule, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, homework, extra activities, cooking, my part-time (from home) baking job, entertaining children, breaking up fights, and all the other things mom's shove in their brains, I usually am trying to figure out where I put my phone basically all day. 

I do things without thinking, then I have no recollection of it when I really need it. So I have finally bought myself a planner in hopes to have one place to get things down on paper all in one place. I am not sure how much longer I can wait to get it in the mail. All too often I write up my shopping list with my meal plan on a loose paper that gets lost and when my husband asks what our dinner options are for the week, I totally draw a blank. I have so many grocery list/ meal plans floating around my house. 

I am ready to get organized! I am ready to feel like I am a little more in the driver's seat of my own life. 

My husband works for the Department of State and we will live internationally the majority of his career. We are preparing to move to Costa Rica this Summer and am excited to have a place to help me organize our trip back to the States, and to help me in my transition to a new country. I will have a place to keep new phone numbers, rather than random pieces of paper, that are destined to get lost. 

I am just so excited for even the prospect of having a little more control over the millions of things that zip through my brain. 'Oh God of second chances and new beginnings, here I come again". 

I remember that being hung in the laundry room growing up. I think I am just now beginning to understand it. I am starting a new year and hopefully with the tool to make it a little bit better.