​The Leafy Tree-Top Planner and I

Posted by Angela Paulsen on 9th Jan 2019

I didn’t think we’d get along, the planner and I. Amy kept recommending it and ads kept trying to introduce us to each other. But the planner was, well, classy and organized and pretty and I didn’t think I was that type of mom. She was what everyone else did and I’m a two-year-old at heart and do things my way. What's more she came with stickers and charts and color-coded pages and while great for others, that just wasn’t the way my brain wanted to worked. But to be honest, the biggest barrier was that she seemed costly and I am cheap.

Then last Spring I birthed my 5th child and lost my brain. Oh I was loving that sweet baby with his huge chubby cheeks and big blue eyes and yet, I was overwhelmed every time I dropped responsibility balls--left, right, and center-- with things like school registration, tithing on-time, doctor appointments, dinner, shopping lists, everything. And as baby approached 4 months old, postpartum anxiety moved in to shout at me each time I dropped a ball. I could no longer do what I’d always done. So when Amy sent me a link for half-off the planner, the 2018 one, well I decided the planner and I should collaborate. And that’s how I found my brain again.

All in one book, one planner, I can put not just my schedule but my ideas, my lists, my goals, my responsibilities, my plans, my whole brain. Want to know what everyone is getting for Christmas? There’s a page for that. Need to track spending and income without spreadsheets or apps so you can pay tithing quickly? There’s page for that. Want to know what you learned last Sunday in church? What your husband’s favorite bar of soap is that you can never remember? There’s a page for that too. And thank heavens it’s not another screen. It’s glorious, tangible paper.

So it turns out the planner and I get along splendidly. We don’t color-code or look cute everyday, well she does (love all that floral!) but she knows what I need and what I never knew I needed. She understood that I wanted to remember the day my neighbor was getting back her cancer test results and knew that my sleep deprived brain wouldn’t on its own. So when those results came back on Nov. 20th the planner and I were ready. I still do things my way, and she’s ok with that. I have fully tapped into her full usefulness potential, or mine either for that matter. I still use the first half of the 2018 version that I hadn’t used yet but when August and the academic calendar come around I’ll be more than ready to pay full price because she’s worth every penny. Heck I’d pay a lot more, but please don’t raise the price just yet; my husband still has his dissertation to defend and we’ve 5 small kids to feed.

So if you need me on a Sunday night we’ll be at my kitchen table, the lovely leafy treetop planner and I. 

Give Angela credit if you decide to purchase by shopping here: http://share.intheleafytreetops.com/omcdeShi?u=1547000537880