The key to taking charge of your life

Posted by Celeste Osborn on 11th Jan 2019

I fell in love with the planner the moment my sister-in-law let me hold hers! I loved the feel of the paper, the monthly sections, the sturdiness, and the possibilities of keeping all that information in one place!

I bought myself the 2017 Mormon Mom Planner and that's when my adventure began! I previously used random papers to organize my to-do lists and schedules, but not anymore! I have used the planner to prioritize my time and my tasks on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily scope.

I really love the menu and shopping list sections in each month because not only do I get to plan forward with what I am going to cook, but I can look back through previous planners I've used to see what meals I cooked in the past!

Writing down my plan for the day or week has been key to helping me get done what is most important. As my husband and I worked to get out of student loan debt I kept track of our loans in the finance section of the planner. I loved crossing out each loan as we progressed towards our goal!

I have to admit that in December of 2018 I bought a planner from Costco thinking I would replace my Mormon Mom Planner. Well, it only took me using it once to realize it did not even compare to the Mormon Mom Planner! Today I ordered my 2019 Mothers Who Know Planner and I can't wait to get it in the mail! My planner is my brain and I'm missing mine!

I hope my story can resonate with other ladies out there. Writing down a plan and sticking to it is really the key to taking charge of your life. Thank you In The Leafy Treetops!