The end all be all of planners anyone could ever need!

Posted by LeAndra Monsen on 8th Jan 2019

I started using your planner about three years ago. I was so excited I even bought my bestie one and sent it to her for her birthday shortly after.

I have 7 children (five natural and two step) all under age 9. My oldest daughter has a rare disability, three of my boys have autism. Between my daughter's frequent hospital visits, IEP meetings for four of my children, working full time, being a mom full time and a homemaker, I was stressed and depressed. However, I always put my brave face on and just go with the program. Because that's what mom's do, we are the original creators of the "game face". I knew I needed to find a way to organize better. So I googled "Mom planners" and your website popped up towards the top.

I clicked and fell in love. It had everything I needed, the space, the sections to keep track of my many children, their needs, medical information etc. On top of the day to day, I had all I needed for personal and spiritual reflection. Which has always been key for me. My favorite part is the reflection page at the beginning of each of the months. I love the ability to focus on relationships I need to work on and build on each month.

Keeping track of my daughter's doctors appointments, post hospital followups etc was so much easier. We have moved back to my home state of Idaho a year ago and was able to buy our first home. With the new change, many unwelcome changes came. My daughter's seizures have worsened and I have stood by her in 11 ambulance rides, hoping she makes it to the hospital each time.

Her most recent visit was just on Friday the 4th and afterwards her doctor let us know, she couldn't handle another seizure like the one she just had. So now she is on four seizure medications 2x a day, just to make sure she doesn't have one and stays with us that much longer.

Because we moved to a state with less resources, my children go to three different schools. So having developed a good planner system has been more important than ever. Different start dates, summer vacations, spring breaks, parent nights, events, etc would make my head spin off if it weren't held on by my Mom planner!

I have been through so much in my life, but if there is one thing I learned during my short life, is that there is no time to complain. There aren't enough seconds or moments that are worth being wasted on poor attitudes. I know firsthand we cannot change many things that happen to us, but we can certainly control our reaction to those situations.

My daughter is totally blind with no light perception. She has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. It literally lights up a room. Someone once asked me. "How did she learn how to smile?" Which made me think for a moment. Then I realized something. My daughter's smile is crazy gorgeous and NATURAL. Her frown and her pouting, is very awkward. Almost like she has no idea how to actually look sad. Then it hit me. We are born to be happy. Smiling, happiness, joy, are all gifts that we are inherently born with. And sadness, grief, anger and frustration, are human emotions, whose facial contortions we LEARN from watching those around us. My daughter doesn't know how to frown because it isn't natural. But smiling, smiling is something we don't need to be taught, it is the best part of our Creators human design.

I have a little sister that lives in Ohio. I have only met her baby once and I would really love to see her and let her know that I miss her. We had a rough childhood growing up, were in and out of foster care and later we were adopted. However, not all of us healed and we lost one of our brother's to suicide. It hit all of us hard, and my remaining siblings and I have sort of drifted. I would use the tickets to fly her and her daughter out to visit family and to see my parents. As much as I'd love to go visit her, I also want her daughter, my niece to get to know her cousins, that she has never met. My sister cannot afford to come home on her own as a single mother. So giving her this opportunity to fly home, spend a weekend with us, go together to visit my little brother we lost, would be absolutely wonderful.

I know how much this would mean to her and to myself. Keep up the great work with your planner! I honestly share it every chance I get, I post live videos on my personal Facebook page, I send snapshots of it to all older sisters and my mother. It is hands down, the end all be all of planners anyone could ever need!