The day My Mom gave me my planner

Posted by Katelyn Williams on 9th Jan 2019

The day My Mom gave me my planner I told her it was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! (I may have offended her with that statement LOL!)

I love planning, making check lists, setting goals and being organized! This planner had everything I needed plus more - It helps me keep up with my busy schedule AND keeps me focused on spiritual matters!

I think the best story I could share about using my planner is about my year mountain biking:

I race mountain bikes on my high school team and last year I was asked to be an ambassador for an elite racing team and race nationally. My schedule changed drastically! I had a personal trainer who would give me daily training, practices 2x a week, high school mountain bike races, national mountain bike races, school activities and homework, church activities, family activities, work schedule and friends - who were begging me to find time for them!

I grabbed my planner and filled it in - EVERY DAY was full! but I was confident that if I stayed focused I could balance it all and be successful at all I had on my plate.

Well it was NOT EASY! and at times I was overwhelmed and stressed and my mom would have to give me a pep talk to keep me going! BUT I know that keeping an accurate up-to-date record of all that I needed to do was the key to my success! I am so grateful for my planner! I know that I would have missed something along the way and would not have been able to be successful at any of it!

In the end I was ranked 8th Nationally and took 1st place at the Regional High School Race and 4th Place at the State Championship race! I kept a 3.9 GPA, served as a Special Needs Buddy in my church, spent time with family and friends, worked 15+ hours a week, AND even found time to relax! It took a lot of hard work but my mind was at ease knowing that the plan was written on paper and I just had to follow the plan each day!

AND when the year was wrapping up - I told my mom I NEEDED a NEW PLANNER - ASAP!!! She got it for me and I'm working on the next year of racing ... wish me luck!