Some people say why don’t you just use your phone

Posted by Kassidy Chipman on 9th Jan 2019

I am a planner and I need to write things down and visually look at them. I have had many people see me using my planner and ask questions about it. I love how organized I feel when I am using it. 

Some people say why don’t you just use your phone..... my phone doesn’t allow me to see the big picture at a glance, especially when you have a husband, children, work, callings and appointments that can’t be forgotten. 

I take the planner most everywhere with me, to work so I can quickly see what’s going on or write things down that come to my mind that I do not want to forget. At home I have it out sitting on my counter to do the same. 

I throw it in my purse when I am heading anywhere. However if I am going shopping I will often leave it in my car as it is heavy and sometimes I don’t want to carry the extra weight. But if I have written something down in it that I need while I am shopping it is quick and easy to snap a picture on my phone a there I have it with me to refer to it. 

I am also in the relief society presidency and I love that I can write down the lessons for the month a head of time and write notes and inspiration during the lesson. 

The planner just has so many options that regular planners don’t have. Day to day planning, Family home evening planning, church lessons, holiday planning, financial planning. 

And to top it off the quotes, and super stylish prints, just make you and everyone that sees it, happy!!