So often we make plans & life gets in the way

Posted by Prudence Leynse on 11th Jan 2019

I purchased my first planner from you for the year 2018, thinking I could track my work schedule, my daughter's work & college schedule as well as my 91 year old mother's day care providers, (my mother lives with us & is legally blind & has dementia). I also thought I could use it to record memorable events to later journal & scripture study.

In February I contracted a mysterious respiratory illness. I then shifted gears & used it to track my hospitalizations, doctor's appointments, outpatient tests & even a surgery as well as my workman's compensation & FMLA time, as well as the original things I bought it for.

I didn't get to us it for keeping track of scripture study & happy family events

Instead it became a record of a very frightening time in my life. A time when, I didn't think I would live.

Fortunately, I was later able to use it to record that I was recovering!

As the year drew to the end I thought I would be working on the same goals I had last year, unfortunately life gets in the way. I am now using my planner to scheduling two different memorials for our 37 year old son, who passed away unexpectedly in late December. He is the father of 3 year old twins, who live far away & we hope to visit as much as possible.

So often we make plans & life gets in the way. I know the planner will be helpful as we get through another difficult time in our lives.

We will get through this too, as difficult as it is, the planner & memories will be a strength to us later on.