So much more than just the basic monthly planner I had been using for a dollar from Walmart

Posted by Serena Peltzer on 11th Jan 2019

My friend Elena had been using these planners and I noticed her using it in church. I asked her about it and she excitedly told me all about her amazing planner, she let me look through it and I was amazed to see scripture reading charts, church quotes, vitiating teaching tracking, the proclamation and living Christ and so much more than just the basic monthly planner I had been using for a dollar from Walmart. 

I definitely need things written down and on paper for me to make sense of things and I was so happy to order my first planner. I have since gotten years of use out of these planners. I love that everything is all in one place, rather than before with using scattered loose papers and lists galore, and because it has focused pages for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, they are great reminders and draw my focus to the most important things in life. I wish it had a page for the temple similar to the one for visiting teaching. I love the ability I now have to sit each night and plan the next day in such a thoughtful way and then review those plans in the morning with plenty of space to keep track of grocery lists, hopes and dreams and focused goals. 

Because of this, I am more organized and productive in my day to day. Since becoming a mom, it’s been a challenge to learn how to focus and organize myself while being so involved with caring for children. This planner has been the number one tool to help me focus and prioritize and remain thoughtful and organized.