Oh! All. Those. Lists!

Posted by Monica Claunch on 11th Jan 2019

Single mom here to three busy kids, work full time, have church callings and I recently resigned form a political office in my community. I can't say enough about your planners!! I have tried for years to be more organized. I would have a separate church notebook, calendar, work schedule and lists. Oh! All. Those. Lists! I used other planners for years and would still struggle to get my life under control. Everything runs smoother with my planner! 

I love how each day has three sections. I have a box for my kids, home/gospel study, and myself. My planner not only allows me to keep track of where my kids are, or where they're supposed to be ;), but it also gives me room to plan meals, STAY ON BUDGET!!, and help keep me on course in my gospel-related goals. Wow! Who can say that!!!?? I'll tell you who--- anyone who has The Mothers Who Know Planner! 

I love the sense of accomplishment I feel as I turn a busy page to a new week! I love how I feel more organized! It helps me stay on task and accomplish many personal goals. The best news is.... Guess what's filling my pages so far in this years planner!!?? MY WEDDING!!! I'm marrying the man of my dreams on March 2! (Finally!) I've wanted a love like this for as long as I can remember! The only love that's come close is the love I have for my planner! ;) I don't know what I'd do without my planner and all the accessories you offer to utilize it more fully! 

I'm a lifetime user, for sure!