My planner literally goes EVERYWHERE with me!

Posted by Nicole Atkinson on 11th Jan 2019

I can’t say enough good things about this planner.

Since using your planners my life has seemed to be more calm, and I feel like I’m able to accomplish much more than ever before.

Being a 4th grade teacher(1st year) it has saved me so much as I’ve used it for planning my lesson blocks, meetings that I have and other important dates. I love looking at it and seeing all the things I’ve accomplished through the year.

At home it has helped me with meal planning-I’ve never been a good meal planner and always went to the grocery guessing on what I might need to buy, but since using the planner I have been using the second calendar for meal planning and the sidebars for my grocery lists, this has saved me so much time, stress and money thought the week as I’m trying to decide what’s for dinner.

The budgeting section is seriously the BEST! I love being able to track all the things that we are spending money on and how we can adjust it based on our pay. We just recently bought a home and I can’t tell you how amazing the budgeting section has been for us!

Next, the church pages are probably one of my favorite parts of the planner. I love taking my planner with me to church and being able write all my thoughts down, and then look back at my thoughts throughout the week, since my planner literally goes EVERYWHERE with me!

Last but not least, all of the extra pages for different holiday planning, goal setting and a house of order are so perfect! They are ones that at first when I bought the planner was unsure if I was going to actually use them, and then they ended up being some of my favorite pages!

Thank you for creating a planner that is so personalized and perfect for any kind of planning