My planner has become a journal

Posted by Marnie Poppleton on 9th Jan 2019

I started using my planner a couple of years ago after our oldest sons cancer returned. Between being a mom, working, church callings, etc... life became too much and something had to give! Little did I know at the time I began using this little planner, what a blessing it would be.

I began writing down appointments and notes from each visit with the doctors. This way if I didn't go to the appointment, I could at least look back at my notes and remember what we did. This soon became a habit and I often referred back to my notes to recall when we last did procedures etc.

In December of 2016 we found out Britt would need a stem cell transplant. After a long day preparing for the procedure we returned home to get ready for the next day. I opened my planner and took out the notes from our doctor visits that day. Immediately I noticed something was not right. The hospital had not run everything the doctor had ordered. This was our Hail Mary! We only had once chance to do this right. Had we not caught this just hours before his transplant, it would have essentially failed.

First thing the next morning the doctors were notified. The transplant was cancelled. We were relieved and heart broken all at the same time.

Britt did get his transplant in 2017 and we enjoyed 18 more months with him. He married the love of his life and they were able to live a lifetime of adventures before he became too sick.

Britton passed away in November of 2018. My planner has become a journal. Filled with notes and thoughts and memories of trials and blessings.

A few weeks before he passed I looked back at a note from my planner that said, "Every little things gonna be alright." God has his hand in every little thing we do. He prepared a way years ago to bring comfort in the form of a little note I wrote in my planner. That little note carried me through the next several weeks watching him take his last breath, burying him and celebrating is life. #brightforbritt

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