My most exciting and life changing project ever

Posted by Kaley Andersen on 8th Jan 2019

Last year's planner was my most exciting and life changing project ever. At the beginning of the 2018 year, I decided that I wanted to be more happy (not that I'm not happy or anything, but I wanted to be more genuinely happy with myself, for other people, and just focus less on negative things). Using the blank tracker in the back of my "In the Leafy Treetops Planner", I decided to take a box of colored pencils and create a code for every color (all the pretty colors pertained to happier modes and the darker more drab colors for the more negative modes).

Every day I tried to mark how the day went. My plan was for the whole year. In every blank box in my planner, I wrote down quotes about happiness or quotes that made me feel happy. I made, "Happiness" my word of the year in the January section of my planner where you make new goals. I even inserted my own Personal Mission Statement on the front cover of my planner. I loved opening up my planner everyday.

In just the first few months that I tried this out, I had already discovered a few things. I realized that I had a lot more happier days than I realized! I may not have been feeling the same particular emotion everyday, but all in all they were happy! I noticed that the days I marked in "drabbier" colors tended to come more when I wasn't so focused on Jesus Christ that day and may have been too caught up in hubbub of being a busybody.

I now look for the positive in every day. I started to notice that even the more frustrating days still had something redeeming about them. Even on the worst of days, my mood was completely changed by some small milestone accomplished, a silly and adorable act from my children, or my husband surprising me by coming home from work early. The little things became my everything! Not every day is perfect, but there is something perfect in every day. Happiness is a journey, not a destination!

2018 was a wonderful year!! A few dark colored days, but they didn’t overshadow the beautiful colors that made up the rest of the year!! I feel so happy!! This project really made me see the world a little differently! Every day is a gift! I am so truly blessed! 2018 wasn’t without trials, but I was able to maintain a better attitude about them and keep focusing on the positives!! Looking forward to using my 2019 Planner to keep my journey of Happiness going!!