My life in one book for generations

Posted by Kawanya Jones on 9th Jan 2019

My planner story is simple, I got into planning as a way to better organize my day-to-day activities as a mother as lots of people do. I have tried multiple journal versions from IntheLeafyTreetops and finally settled on the Horizontal Mormon Mom Academic version. This version allows me to freely be me in all the nocks and crannies of the monthly/weekly pages. Somehow, planning for me grew into a spiritual journey beyond my wildest expectations.

While I do use my journal for planning purposes, budgeting, meal prep, entrepreneurship and goal setting; I use my weekly spread for weekly devotionals as well. I am tracking my spiritual journey and all the Youversion, Youtube and other spiritual sermons beyond my Sunday & Wednesday weekly activities. Daily scriptures, motivational quotes, and daily to dos fill the pages of my planner like fun anecdotes to my life story.

As I prayed to God to draw me closer to him and help me develop an intimate relationship with him, this planner has helped me do just that and track my progress. I love this planner and all the wonderful things I have discovered with it. I am planning to find a way use it as a travel planner/journal in the near future as well.

This planner has allowed me to place my life in one book for generations to read, study and grow from. I will continue to purchase on each year and will add on more for my two littles to begin their journey as well. I love IntheLeafyTreetops for creating this planner ❤️!