More than any other planner I’ve ever seen

Posted by Micklena Frampton on 11th Jan 2019

I have been addicted to planners for as long as I can remember, now just because I’m addicted to planners, doesn’t mean I’m any good at it or addicted to planning. Until now. 

I have tried and tried to modify other planners to fit my specific needs, but usually got frustrated and overwhelmed with the chaos of papers and junk. I follow quite a few #’s on Instagram that pertains to planning and budgeting (huge Dave Ramsey fan) and figured when I saw a planner that had more to offer then I would research and find out more. 

Well, thankfully one day, good ol’ ‘auto-creating’ adds that fit to your interests and creeps into your feed somehow, premiers In The Leafy Top Planner. It was love at first sight. A section specifically for Christmas, pages I can plan out the meals each month, prepare for back to school, budgeting pages, even Easter.... What?!? WHAT??? WHAT!!!! 

EVERYTHING, plus options to make pages that fit your needs and even more than any other planner I’ve ever seen or had. I even lucked out that it’s a Utah company and had immediate access to one because lets be honest; I'm not a patient person. I wanted to start my new year out with this planner to help keep me focused and organized both financially, spiritually and physically. I can't wait to see how awesome this year turns out and how much easier and less stressful each day will continue to be with the help of my new Hanging Succulent 2019 planner. Thank goodness for The Quilted Bear and an even BIGGER thank you for creating this perfect planner. You have truly helped out this wife and mother of 3.

Much love, appreciation, and gratitude.