Mom Brain

Posted by Heather Dilena on 23rd Jan 2019

I am a mom to 3 teenage boys, 19, 17, and 15. I homeschool the boys, well just the youngest now that the older 2 have graduated. I also keep up with everything related to my father in law and his health. 

Like most moms there is a whole lot of stuff going on in this mom brain of mine. Ever since I saw Kimmy on she’s in her apron on YouTube using her Mormon mom planner I knew I wanted to try it out. My 17 yr old bought me my first planner as my Christmas gift 2017, my 19 yr old bought my current planner for my Christmas 2018 gift.

I show off my planner all the time. Many people love it but there are those who say it’s too much for them. This year is my 20th wedding anniversary so we are trying to plan a vacation so I am using my vacation pages