It’s more than just a planner

Posted by Taylor Martineau on 9th Jan 2019

My sisters both had this Planner on their wishlist last year and I was not at all interested. My grandma ended up buying one and as we looked at it, I realized that it’s more than just a planner. What I love about this Planner is that it combines planning, scrapbooking, and journaling. My sister and sister-in-law now have planning parties and get together just to fill out pages in our planner. We love talking about our goals as we set them, adding all the family birthdays into our pages, planning fun things to do together, and sharing fun tips and ideas.

I don’t always use planners for very long but I continue to use it because I don’t just write down appointments but I write down day to day happenings with my kids, things I want to remember, and my goals. I love to write down the funny things my kids say and their milestones. It’s so fun to look back on later and I love having it all in one place. It also helps keep me on track with my goals. I don’t forget them because I have them written down where I’ll see them frequently. I can easily break them down into weekly goals that seem more within reach. I’ve made more progress toward them because of this planner.

Using my planner is something I look forward to everyday now. It’s a way to get some creative me time, whether it’s a few minutes adding in some cute details or longer decorating my pages for the month.