It's about the little things

Posted by Stephanie Bates on 15th Jan 2019

I can't remember where I found you, it must have been on facebook somewhere. But I've always been unhappy with the planners I had, pages that I needed, no matter what planner I got, were never there. So I made do. I like to be very organized, and I'm the type of person who likes paper and pencil, I prefer my planners that way too-something tangible that I can hold and write in by hand.

When I found Mormon Mom Planner, I knew it was the one for me. My planner goes everywhere with me, it's my home base for scheduling our lives! I love every detail that is included in mormon mom planner- it's not just about the calendar and weekly pages- it's about the little things that make planning and living your life attainable and in all together in an organized place. I love the tracking boxes on all different pages that are left vague so you can fill them in as it pertains to you and your life and your own goals. It has special sections for holidays, my kids birthdays as well as their likes/dislikes, and things they are doing in their life at the time. It also includes marking off reading my scriptures- as well as being a simplistic, yet functional planner. There is so much more to it even, -it's so cute, and includes everything you could ever want in a planner and yet it's not overdone. It can be as simple as you want it, or just the opposite, and I love that about these planners- it gives you the baseline that is needed, and everyone can make it their own as they fill it in with the life plans and day to day to-do lists, and goals. Getting my planner at the end of every year to get ready for the new year is one of my favorite things.

I use my planner for meal planning, scheduling out day to day activities, for tracking everyday goals I want to keep, holiday plans, birthday plans, church organized events as well as for my notebook for church in class. Everything is right where I need it to be, and I LOVE this planner! I've never had any planner like it and I'll be purchasing a Mormon Mom Planner every year. I've got one as a gift to myself for Christmas for 4 or 5 years now, and it's the greatest planner available!

The first planner or two, after the year had ended I didn't hold on to them, but then I started to keep them because I realized it was apart of my personal and our family journaling for the year! So included is a picture of the last 3 yearly planners purchased. They are now and forever apart of our family history.