It was love at first sight

Posted by Jacquie Erickson on 9th Jan 2019

After I had my first baby, I struggled with horrible postpartum depression and anxiety. I'd waited my whole life to be a Mom and I wasn't feeling that bliss so many women were posting about on social media. I just felt numb. After a year of thinking this was my new normal, I finally stumbled upon an article about PPD and realized I was sick. I finally started opening up about the prison I'd been in and sought out help.

Shortly after that, I decided to start a photography business. Taking photos during that time of darkness helped give me proof that there really was happiness around me, I was doing a good job, and my son was having a wonderful childhood despite my struggle. I wanted to give other mothers the gift of light by photographing their family in every stage. With all the hard work I spent on my business, my family, and myself I finally started to heal and felt brave enough to get pregnant again.

However, with the second pregnancy, the anxiety hit worse than ever. Fortunately I knew this wasn't normal and that it could be helped so I reached out and started meeting with a counselor. I'd always loved organizing things. I'd had planners all throughout school and while serving an LDS mission but since becoming a Mom, I felt like life got too busy to plan. My counselor invited me to start that again.

I spent the next little while looking for a planner I could fall in love with. While Facebook scrolling one day, I found The Mormon Mom Planner. It was love at first sight. It had everything my little planning heart could ever want! That Christmas my husband gifted it to me and I'll be requesting one every Christmas for the rest of time.

I love having everything I need in one spot. The quotes have buoyed me up on those days where I feel like I'm slipping back into the sinkhole of depression and having space to make a thorough to-do list keeps my anxiety at bay. I see what really needs to be done, that there's time to do it, and that I'm accomplishing way more than I'm giving myself credit for.

I love these planners! They're honestly a blessing for me and I'm so grateful to have found them! 

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