It was a significant relief to have one place to keep everything in my life organized.

Posted by Loralee Amandus on 15th Jan 2019

I have used many different types of planners over the years. I remember getting my first Franklin Planner when I was 17. By the age of 28 I had three young children and started working full time, the late night shift in a busy Emergency Room to support my family. My husband separated from active duty military after six years and went into the Air National Guard and school full time. 

As time progressed I was getting increasingly frustrated with all the different calendars, notebooks, sticky notes, and binders I lugged around with me everywhere in an effort to keep everything straight. I still wasn't keeping it straight! I kept searching the internet, talking to my mom to find solutions. I wanted to find something that had everything I needed in it. A place to keep not only information about my children, husband and myself, but also kept me organized financially, socially, emotionally, and physically. I needed to be able to create meal and exercise plans and plan a family home evening or trip. I needed a place to keep my work schedule and things going on at my kids school. A place to keep practice schedules, church notes, family goals and a personal journal.

I distinctly remember the day I found the Mormon Mom Planner on the In the Leafy Treetops website. I was thrilled and ordered the planner immediately. I could hardly wait for my order to arrive. After getting it I was able to remove all the extra bulk and clutter on my desk and counter at home by compiling it in one easy location. I also realized just how much extra clutter I was keeping in my mind. As a busy wife, mom and professional, it was a significant relief to have one place to keep everything in my life organized.

As time has progressed, the planner has only gotten better. Which has helped because my kids only got busier. It has made my life even more efficient and organized. After a few years of using the planner I also went back to school myself which was one more added element I needed to organize and this planner fully supported it. Its a one stop organizational shop for me, perfectly laid out with all the things I need as an individual, wife, mother, coach, professional, school student and also supports my church callings. I am so grateful to have my planner. I would be lost without it.

One feature that I love are the amazing quotes and images throughout and the many places I can customize for me and my family! I have also loved adding personal touches to the planner with drawings, stickers, certain pictures and other memorabilia from vacations and day trips. My planner is a great source to document special occasions and events that I will treasure for years to come. I have been asked by many what planner I use and I proudly show off my color coordinated planner (every person in my family has a color) with others. Many of my friends and family now buy a Mormon Mom or other planner each year. It really is more than a planner to me, it holds my entire year history! What a HUGE blessing this planner has been in my life. Having this planner has impacted my life in ways that is hard describe.

Thank you for your innovative and creative work. It's in the details and the details you have provided has made all the difference to improve and enrich my life.  

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