It has made my life more beautiful on paper...literally and figuratively.

Posted by Kristal Price on 16th Jan 2019

I used to find pride in calling myself a perfectionist. I would find happiness in having full calendars; the busier I was, the more accomplished I felt. At first, the comprehensiveness of the Mormon Mom planner was the thing that kept reeling me in. Melinda didn't forget a single important thing that your typical Latter-Day Saint mother needed to remember on the daily. Nonetheless, the more I used my planner, the more I realized I wasn't as organized or as perfect at agenda keeping as I thought and wanted to be. 

I remember one morning looking at an unfinished list and feeling pity for myself. "You failed...again", I thought. I turned the page, ready to start a new list to numb the negativity and self-loathing brewing within me and came across the words that I needed the most in that moment. 

It was a quote from President Hinckley that I had written in the church Notes section the Sunday prior during Relief Society. “Please don’t nag yourselves with thoughts of failure. Do not set goals far beyond your capacity to achieve. Simply do what you can do, in the best way you know how, and the Lord will accept your effort.” 

This small and simple note completely turned my day around. I love that there is a section just for notes (and of course I had to fill it out!) which prompted me to diligently take it to church and record thoughts that I would need that week. 

It has made my life more beautiful on paper...literally and figuratively. 

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