It had everything I needed as well as things I didn’t realize I needed.

Posted by Cristina Langley on 8th Jan 2019

For three years I had been trying to plan. 

I tried using the bullet journal system, I tried using the happy planner, as well as some others. Nothing seemed to work for our family. 

My husband has PTSD and a TBI and my teenager is autistic, I also have a five year old, three dogs, a cat and 11 chickens and some years we have an exchange student or two. 

I needed something where I could keep track of VA appointments, ABA therapy, soccer games, Tball games, and swimming lessons as well as our exchange student’s extracurriculars. Plus I needed something to help with church activities and have room for journaling. 

My sister kept telling me about the Mormon mom planner and I finally decided to give it a shot. It was amazing. It had everything I needed as well as things I didn’t realize I needed. 

It helped us so much to keep things organized, helped us make FHE more feasible, and I had a place where I could journal and it was all in one. I love that I have a place where I can take notes on Sunday. I also love the organizational tools for the holidays and Easter. When you have more than one book to keep track of, things get forgotten as you run out the door. This has everything in one so I just grab it and go. 

This planner has made our family so much more organized and I love that my children will one day be able to look back on my thoughts and activities.